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The principle of repayment of the loan is that by the end of the term loan agreement borrowed money must be return- NY the lender in the full amount (principal debt) and interest. Bank money can only be stored on accounts in banks Yuri- legal Banks. The fundamental principles of the activities of commercial the Bank are: work within the resources actually available, economic independence, building customer com- interrelation ships among the market type. In this case, after the mortgage-credit relations of the seller immediately receives the money from the Bank, the buyer when- acquires all rights of the owner of the object of purchase that cast Menno mortgaged in the Bank. Upon expiration of the loan is extinguished, i.e.

7. Along with banks moving money in the markets imple- Directors carries out and other financial institutions: investment funds, insurance companies, stock exchanges, brokerage, dealership and D. 823; • calculation of economic standards; • act audit. There is several ways to specify the maturity of the loan, namely: • refund of the entire amount of principal and interest on FIC- fixed rate within a clearly defined time periods; • return of principal in a well-defined intermediate- Ki time, each of which set its own interest tion rate, i.e. On the other hand, and banks ski supervision may be assigned to special bodies, not for a cent General Bank.

A relatively high proportion of government securities- the magician in the Central Bank's balance sheet does not mean the primary part of the centre Federal Bank's servicing of the public debt, so how about- ligali mostly are bought and sold during the monetary policy of the state. Specific historical date of origin of banks no. For example, dividing the loan maturity is obviously fanciful. The Bank may manage the financial financial Affairs and property of companies and individuals for a cost. Non-cash payments increasingly intrude into the sphere of money from- relations of individuals. transfer of income to Bank accounts, IP- the use of cheques, plastic cards for payments extends depen- dence of individuals from banks, making banks circulatory system market economy. Banks create new money in the form of loans. First, Central banks originated more than 300 years ago. Commercial banks borrow funds, which may be from- given the loan in accordance with the needs of borrowers, and on the basis of wide diversification of its assets to reduce overall risks the owners of the money placed in the Bank. Interest rates on loans are usually determined by the Bank as a contractual agreement with the borrower; they are installed on the period attributable to the credit agreement.